Market Research Assistants are Required!
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We are looking for market research assistants to provide us services related to local market research and new business model test.
We plan to start a project and before the beginning we would like to test the market.
Candidate’s duties will be:

  • market research in your area for available storage places, research of prices in various internet web sites, checking for discounts and bonuses;
  • labor market research and discover the ways of hiring optimization;
  • Receiving and processing test orders in order to test the process and optimize it.

We are looking for a person whom we can guide and teach – you do not require special qualification for it. You just have to be online regularly, answer the emails, work with excel and word files, be able to make some researches, receive and process test orders, perform other tasks.
We pay regular salary for the job done and then continue working together when the main project starts.


Our mission is to provide the clients first class service that will include:

Payment assistance

We will pay for goods and forward them to the clients.

Shipping assistance

Different store and shipping companies provide their own terms of shipping goods and sometimes it is not acceptable for our clients. We have fedex, DHL and UPS accounts and we pay for shipping with huge discounts and without difficulties.

Gift wrapping, repacking, combining or splitting the orders

Our assistants will receive, check goods, prepare them as gifts, split multiple orders or combine the orders from different stores in case they are all going to the same client. Sure, we will pay for these services and will receive compensation with our profit from the customers.

Market research

We are checking the market for better prices and would like our future representatives to take part in this process as a part of the company.

Here is the description of how it’ll work for our clients:


The client will sign up for an account with us and pay registration fees. After that we will provide representative’s address to the client to receive goods.


Begin shopping at thousands of retailers in Europe and ship the items directly to your address.


Once the order has been placed you will be notified on it to keep tracking the parcel. Once the order has been received you will check the content, report it and we will give the instructions on either shipping to the client, or storing for a limited period of time. During the first starting month the amount of orders will be up to 20-30 units. We will ship them regularly so there will be no need in additional space.


In future, the company will provide a storage spaces in case we need to delay shipping of the orders and/or combine, split them.

  We plan to start with a small branch in Germany and some other European countries and several assistants but we have great plans and hope this venture will grow to something like:,,,, etc.

  It is a new marketing segment with a high demand and the United States and China is a leader here. We would like to create something like this and sure we will succeed together.

  The candidate’s duties will be: researching the markets for better prices, working with the web site (adding the newly received packages, checking them, and filling in the information on them), receiving shopping orders paid by us or our clients, shipping the orders according to the instructions.
We cover all the expenses in advance and the candidate will never pay for goods or for shipping.


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Elstree WD6 1SL
United Kingdom